A History of Abuse in Nicaragua is Associated with an Increased Incidence of IBS

By Charles Gerson, M.D.

A recent research study in Nicaragua, with the participation of 1000 women, showed very clearly that a history of abuse (physical and sexual) was associated with an increased frequency of IBS that was significantly greater than the frequency of IBS found in women without an abuse history.

Nicaragua has had a particularly traumatic history with prolonged armed struggle against the dictator Somoza and subsequently against the right-wing Contras. While peace has finally arrived, the entire population has suffered. Even though suffering was wide-spread, this study shows that a history of abuse had a specific association with IBS.

Clearly, the destabilized situation in Nicaragua may have contributed to this finding. Whether this study applies to other locations in the world with post-traumatic conflict awaits further research.

We've posted our review of this study here, as well as the referenced article.